Why Is Line Marking Important For Businesses?

Why is line marking important

With increased attention now being placed on safety in the workplace, it is little wonder that companies are putting so much emphasis on ensuring the safeguarding of products and spaces and the adherence to workplace safety policies.

Line marking is a crucial component of health and safety in the work environment. They are essentially the first visual cues for a person to tell them where and where not to go. For factory and warehouse workers, they are critical indicators in determining safeguarding expectations from the company.

The benefits of line markings

As a result, businesses turn to dedicated line marking companies to ensure their safety procedures are up to scratch. Here, we list the main reasons line marking is crucial for various businesses.

1. Satisfy Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) regulations

First and foremost, companies and warehouse managers will need to ensure that their workplace environment and practices satisfy the stipulations of OH&S. 

Stringent regulations and safety standards are in place to ensure that all workers, regardless of their industry, feel secure when coming to work.

When workers feel confident that their workplace is safe, they will have less to worry about not getting hurt and will be able to focus on increased productivity.

2. Promote workplace safety

In a warehouse or factory, foot traffic needs to be monitored. There will inevitably be areas that involve heavy machinery or vehicles. Warehouse line marking will tell workers exactly where and how they can travel safely through their place of work.

Hazards need to be easy to spot, and storage areas need to be delineated. There may be times when certain surfaces on containers, or areas of high risk, need to be signposted. These will generally be considered permanent line markings, so maintenance of these markings will need to be established. 

Factory workers must also be confident in the processes and, in the case of workplace vehicles. The variety in line markings within a factory or warehouse is likely to be considerable, but they are necessary to ensure workplace safety and improved productivity. These routes will need an operator to get from point A to point B quickly and efficiently.

3. Attract more customers

A customers focus will automatically be attracted to bright and clear things. Even though it may not automatically seem obvious, a customer may feel more welcome if an establishment has taken the time to maintain and give care to its line markings on, for example, its car park spaces and directions. 

A customer may believe that a high level of attention toward this aspect of the business might indicate the service or product itself and will likely offer their time and attention.

Remarking lines

Depending on the amount of foot traffic, the lines should be remarked every 5 years to ensure that they not only remain visible but also are aesthetically pleasing. Other factors may determine when lines should be remarked, such as:

  • Sunlight (if the lines are outside).
  • The total number of people walking on the floor.
  • Natural wear and tear from the nature of the environment (I.e., a commercial, industrial building vs. an office).
  • The floor material (I.e., polished concrete floor finish, grind and seal acrylic finish, acid etching, stained concrete, metallic epoxy, epoxy chip flooring, etc).  

Removing unwanted lines

Sometimes, a business or organisation may decide that they want to remove unwanted lines. If this is the case, Line Marking Sydney can definitely help. Depending on the surface material, our line-marking removal processes involves:

  • Grinding
  • Wet or dry blasting.
  • Blacking out

For more information about our line removal process, feel free to view more information on our processes, or get in touch with our experienced staff. 

Summing up

For a business owner or warehouse manager, investing in high-quality line-making services is vital to ensure the continued safety of your workers. Workplace accidents are still a thing, and if the resulting accident is severe or fatal, litigation and legal matters may follow. 

Robust line-making will help ensure this does not happen. Get in touch today if your business requires quality, tailor-made line marking.


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