Unwanted Line Marking Removal

Line Marking Removal Service

Preparation is the most crucial part of applying line marking paint to the floors and at Sydney Line marking, we take it seriously!

Have you ever found yourself in a fix with unwanted line markings tarnishing your property, or outdated markings causing confusion? Our line marking removal service is a perfect solution for you. We utilise cutting-edge technology and environmentally-friendly techniques to swiftly and efficiently erase any unwanted road line markings.

End of lease make goods

Our end of lease make good road line removal service provides a smooth end-of-lease solution for commercial and industrial facilities. There is no longer a need to worry about leaving behind redundant lines once you move out – our experts provide fast, efficient, and easy line removal solutions. The end result is immaculately marked surfaces; completely free of any line remnants! Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that we only leave the area in pristine condition once our service is complete. Get in touch with us today for an end of lease make goods line marking removal experience that offers incredible satisfaction!

Line marking removal contractors

Methods we employ to remove unwanted and redundant floor line markings

  • Black or grey out existing line marking
    A cost-effective option to get your carpark lot up to safety standards is blacking out existing and unwanted lines! This easy process is cost effective and incredibly fast and for projects that require a cost-effective and fast solution, blacking out existing lines might be the best option.
  • Shot or Sand blasting existing lines
    Redundant lines can be a pesky nuisance and a potential safety risk if left uncorrected. Their removal through sand blasting or shot blasting is the safe and efficient solution. Sand blasting and shot blasting is an environmentally friendly option that quickly eliminates the redundant lines with minimal disruption to your business’ operations.
  • Diamond grinding existing line markings
    The diamond grinding method of removing existing lines is a fast and cost effective way to ensure the project’s requirements are met. It allows for fast removal with minimum mess, as well as a professional finish to meet the project’s requirements. Not only does this process save you time and money, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a trusted and proven method used in many industries worldwide.
  • Pressure washing
    Pressure washing is a great way to quickly remove broken existing lines on your surface without the need for additional chemicals or abrasives. It is an efficient and cost-effective method that uses water in high pressure to easily clear away lines of paint, chalk, dirt, and other marks. This dustless process leaves a clean finish and is a reliable choice when it comes to removing existing lines on your surfaces.


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