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Line-marking Service 


Our experienced staff are equipped with the latest line-marking technology and we only use the highest quality materials. Whether it’s a short or lengthy project, we undertake each with care and expertise to ensure you receive results that exceed your expectations.


Our services include:

  • Preparation of all surfaces using the latest equipment 
  • All types of line marking using premium grade, RMS-approved materials
  • Application of pre-formed thermoplastic coating
  • Cold-applied plastic


We provide service to the following industries:

  • Car parks 
  • New construction works 
  • Warehouses
  • Truck bays
  • Petroleum industries
  • Marine industry 
  • Workshops
  • Holding yards
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools and much more... 


Benefits of line marking to you and your business 

  • Visual Appeal – the car park is the first thing your customers and visitors will see, and they are naturally attracted to well-marked parking systems. Customers judge your business on looks, so it is vital to provide a great first impression. A freshly painted parking area will ensure a positive first impression of your business.
  • Safety Aspects – proper line marking and signage increases traffic safety. It directs traffic to entrances and exits and highlights designated parking areas, walkways, loading zones and fire escape routes, which are all important to note for employee and customer safety.
  • Complying with Laws – a properly executed line-marking job will ensure your car park complies with rules and regulations and will eliminate the risk of legal action against you or your business.




Removal of Unwanted Lines


Line-marking removal may be carried out to completely remove existing markings. We offer a line-marking removal service for all industries and any type of surface.


Our line-marking removal processes include grinding, wet or dry blasting and blacking out.



Mechanical grinding removes various types of marking materials from asphalt and concrete surfaces. Grinding is achieved by the motorised, high-speed rotation of hardened steel or tungsten carbide cutters. Pressure on the cutter head and grinding depth can be adjusted during the work to achieve satisfactory results.


Wet or Dry Blasting

Blasting is one of the most widely used techniques in line-marking removal. The blasting media is accelerated and propelled at great speed and tremendous force. As it strikes the surface, markings are broken loose or removed by abrasion.


Blacking Out

‘Blacking out’ is the phrase used to describe the practice of covering up unwanted markings with a topcoat of material similar in colour to the road surface. On bitumen roads, this usually involves the use of black paint to cover markings no longer required.