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A Simple Guide To High-Pressure Roof Cleaning

Posted By Sydney Line Marking  
20:00 PM

Image credit: Unsplash


There is more to curb appeal than keeping your plants trimmed and your driveway clean. With clean roof tiles, your house will radiate. Harsh elements batter a Sydney roof. With long hours of sunshine and a severe climate, your roof needs attention. It may seem like a vast cleaning job. 


However, you can keep your roof clean with a pressure washer. Follow our cleaning tips to discover the best way to clean your roofing.

What is high-pressure roof cleaning?

Roof pressure washing is a roof cleaning method involving pressurised water. It uses a jet of water sprayed at high pressure. The force of the spray helps loosen and remove debris, moss and algae. Unlike a soft wash, pressure cleaning your roof does a thorough job within hours (or less).


Roof pressure cleaning is different from power washing. The latter typically involves heated water for heavier duty jobs. For example, you may need a power wash to remove old roof paint. However, you can ensure your roof looks immaculate with pressure cleaning most of the time. 


Getting your roof professionally pressure cleaned guarantees the attractiveness of your building. Removing debris from your roof reduces the risk of damage and the need for roof repairs. 

Is roof cleaning necessary?

Image credit: Orlando Roof Cleaning


Do you want your property to survive for many more years to come without needing regular roof maintenance? Or worse, roof replacement? Mould, mildew, algae, moss and lichen build up over time. They look messy, but they can cause serious detriment to your terracotta roof. 


Regular exterior cleaning may add years to your roof's life. Moreover, pressure washing doesn't involve any harsh chemicals. The sheer power alone will remove moss without the need for anti moss spray. 


Additionally, it's necessary to clean your roof tiles to save energy. A poor roof allows heat to escape, increasing your energy bills. 

What pressure should I use to clean my roof?

The pressure of your building wash differs depending on the roof material. If the pressure is too high, pressure house washing may do more harm than good. 


We recommend seeking the help of professional roof cleaning in Sydney. Or, if you're wary of experimenting with different pressures, there are alternative cleaning methods.


We measure pressure using pounds per square inch (PSI). Each pressure washing model should have a gauge with the PSI range. 


  • Bricks: As bricks don't have any protective coatings, you can use higher pressure on the exterior house material. However, you might want to be more careful if you have painted bricks. We recommend pressure between 1500 to 3000 PSI.
  • Terracotta roofs: Like bricks, you can use a higher pressure of between 3000 to 4000 PSI for terracotta roof tiles. Although, when cleaning your roof, avoid damaging gutters or antennas.
  • Limestone tiled roof: Limestone can be brittle and fragile. Start with a low pressure of around 800 PSI and increase it if you don't see any damage. 
  • Metal roofing: A metal roof's surface can typically withstand between 1400 to 4000 PSI. Pressure roof washing can do a fantastic job on metal.

Some reasons why you shouldn't pressure wash a roof

If you're not confident in avoiding long-term damage, it's best to sidestep tile pressure cleaning yourself. Using higher pressures than your home roof can cope with can cause more harm than good.


Here are some things you should do:


  • Avoid using the pressure cleaner at the highest setting.
  • Ensure the pressure water is at the right angle to avoid roof leaks.
  • Take care walking on your roof during the cleaning process.
  • Seek the assistance of a professional roof cleaning Sydney company.

Does cleaning your roof damage it?

High-pressure roof cleaning can damage your roof if not done correctly. Using too high a pressure might break a roof tile or two. 


Spraying the powerful water on gutters or other protrusions may cause damage. Further, using the wrong angle could get water under the shingles. 


However, if you engage a commercial pressure cleaning company to do the job, you don't need to fear any damage. Additionally, a professional roof company can also complete:


  • Leak repairs.
  • Gutters cleaning.
  • Ridge capping.
  • Solar panel cleaning.

How much does it cost to pressure clean a roof?

How much you pay a high-pressure cleaning roof company depends on several factors. Consider the following:


  • How big is your roof?
  • Is your roof an awkward shape?
  • What roof material do you have?
  • Where is your property located?
  • What is the condition of your roof?


Generally speaking, a roofing contractor will charge more for larger, more complex jobs. Also, consider the steepness of your roof. Will they need special safety equipment?


Typically, you can expect to pay an affordable roof high-pressure washer:


  • $90 � $150 for small roofs.
  • $150 � $300 for medium roofs.
  • $300 � $550 for larger roofs.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a two-storey house?


Image credit: House And Decors


You have a two-storey house: the larger the property, the more costly the roof washing. To ensure a high-quality roof pressure clean, you might expect to pay $500. 


However, remember to consider the steepness of your roof and ease of access. Shop around for affordable high-pressure roof cleaning in Sydney. 

Should you pressure wash a roof? 

To high-pressure clean, an entire roof might take five hours from start to finish. It's worth considering this quick and thorough way to rid yourself of mould and algae. 


If you're unsure whether you can do a fantastic job yourself, find a professional roof cleaner in Sydney. If you want to prolong the life of your roof and avoid future roof restoration, pressure washing is vital.


Pressure washing your roof is an excellent way to rid yourself of dirt and debris. However, it requires skill to ensure you don't do more harm than good. If you're unsure of your abilities, enlist the assistance of a Sydney high-pressure cleaning service

Need help with high-pressure cleaning?

At Sydney Line Marking, we use specially formulated, environmentally friendly detergents to remove mould, grime, cobwebs and stains that will transform your premises to pristine conditions without causing harm to the environment. 


Contact us to arrange for a free site inspection and quote. One of our experienced estimators will arrange to meet you and provide honest advice. We will then follow up within two business days with a written quote.